English Air Services, a part 133, 135 and 137 operator out of Santa Maria, CA USA specializing in utility operations for agriculture, LIDAR/Mapping platforms and power line maintenance has taken delivery of a completely refurbished Bell Helicopter 206L3 from Meridian Helicopters. This marks the eighteenth completed and delivered Bell Helicopter 206L3 and 206L4 aircraft refurbishments in recent years from Meridian Helicopters.

“Our goal with this aircraft was a multi-mission capable turnkey solution,” stated Michael Bashlor – Managing Partner, Meridian Helicopters. “Once completed the aircraft measured in at approximately 90% component and engine time remaining and it simply looked and performed great.”

The 1990 Bell 206L3 was equipped for basic utility operations with a great deal of care placed of cosmetics and avionics giving the aircraft a corporate appeal. A complete Garmin avionics package with Bluetooth technology, air conditioning and 3 tone leather seating complimented the interior specifications, in addition to other modifications. A modern 3-tone paint scheme was added with wire strike protection, cargo hook provisions and an inlet barrier filter system.

“When looking for an aircraft to purchase, English Air Service, LLC looks for quality craftsmanship and a company that takes pride in their work. Meridian exceeded that. Looking for this specific aircraft took some time, we found some for less money, but there was no comparison in the work that was put into this 1990 Bell 206L3. The team at Meridian were so easy to deal with. The placing of a “good luck bell” added at each sale is just their final way to put their personal touch to their impeccable work standards. We highly recommend Meridian Helicopters for any helicopter purchase,” stated Mark English with English Air Services.

Meridian Helicopters is currently refurbishing a 1996 Bell Helicopter 206L4 from the ground-up and is scheduled for completion late October 2020 to be available for purchase or for lease.